Monday, June 21, 2010

Hairy Situation

After having been told on several occasions by my sweet sister that I need to wax my eyebrows I decided to have a go at it myself.
I hate plucking with a vengence. So while spending my birthday money on nail polish, lipstick and a new purse I tossed in an eyebrow shaping kit. Basically it's little strips of plastic shaped like eyebrows that you stick to your face, rub in the direction of hair growth and then rip off in the opposite direction.
Above the eyebrow isn't too bad. Pulling the strip from the area closet to your eye is akin to ripping the skin off the bone. Youch!!
I actually didn't do bad, I only tore off a partial eyebrow, but you can hardly tell... at least my husband says you can't. Of course this is coming from the man who told me (and I quote) "No, I don't think you're fat, that doesn't mean you're not, I just don't think you are"
Maybe I should get my sister's opinion.

I honestly haven't been doing all that great with my goals. I have cooked most meals though, we have only eaten out once this month (I promise you this is a record) and I have been spending more time with the girls and I have been really good about forgoing the slouching in my pajamas all day look.

I found a fun website I found (check the links I like in the sidebar) that has a recipe for face paint. It's WAY easy and fun. The girls loved it and Em made me paint her stomach and hands too.

This week: Make it to the gym four times. Have sit down meals every day and stop eating after 8 p.m. Also I NEVER take my makeup off at night (I know: terrible for the skin right) so I am making a goal to have a specific nightly routine to make sure I am washing my face, flossing etc every night. Hopefully I'll see some results with clearer skin.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A stong foundation

This last week I challenged myself to wear foundation at least three times. It may sound silly but I avoid foundation like the plague. I'm not comfortable applying it and I am always worried I'll end up looking like a 13-year old girl who's wearing too much makeup and doesn't realize it. If truth be told I avoided eyeliner until a few years ago because I was afraid I'd look like a hooker.I think too much about what I MIGHT look like or what other people MIGHT think, I know. I'm working on it.
I have worn foundation before but someone else has always applied it. So this week I did it myself and noone said anything to me or looked at me like I was a freak, which I took as a good sign. The only comment my husband made was that I actually looked like I was wearing makeup! (This wasn't an insult we've discussed it on more than one occasion and he says he can't ever tell I'm wearing makeup)
The foundation I used was light and didn't feel heavy. I felt like my makeup applied much easier and more evenly. I have freckles which I like and my only complaint is that it covered them up and I don't know if I like that. I don't think I am going to wear foundation every day but perhaps when I am feeling like looking especially good.

My other goal was to focus on being more in the moment. I did OK with this goal. Instead of always thinking about what I need to do or would rather be doing I try to focus on what I am doing,especially when I am playing with the girls. I still need a lot of work but I found myself enjoying things more and finding more humor in things the girls did or said because I was actually paying attention to them. The big solution for me is to have a schedule. When I'm not working on something I need to put it on the back burner and out of my head so I can focus on what is important at that moment.

This week I found some recipes on the internet and I hit the grocery store Saturday night. Our fridge is not stuffed with fruits and lots of veggies. I found several healthy dinner recipes and I am going to try a different one every night. This really meets both areas I am trying to improve: Healthy eating is good for the woman me and having a hot meal cooked and on the table is a big plus mark in the mommy and wife category.

My other goal is to plan a fun and different activity to do with the girls each day. I want to have more quality, organized time with them. It will help me in their teaching and it'll be fun. Look for pictures of this weeks adventures in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beginning of a new me

A few nights ago I was sitting in front of the computer wasting time while my kids and my husband were quietly sleeping. As I sat there I had the thought that I was wasting my life.
I love my family and I realize how important they are to me, I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have them, but I don't act grateful.
I am also grateful to be a woman, but I don't act like it.
Instead of focusing on the important things in life I focus on things that aren't important. Maybe it's some emotional problem, I don't really know. I do know that I don't like who I am becoming and I don't like where my life is going.
So I hatched a plan. Really it was a thought, a small seed, but this thought struck very powerfully. I grabbed a pen and jotted down some notes so I wouldn't forget and went to bed.
For the last week or so I have been working a plan over in my head and jotting some notes. I named my plan: Project Princess-Mommy.

OBJECTIVE: To become a better mother and a better woman
I still haven't worked out all of the details but here are the basics of my 3-month project.

PROJECT DATE: June 1,2010-September 1, 2010

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: I will achieve a state of fulfillment by focusing my energy on becoming a better wife and mother and a better woman. I will do this by making smaller goals, but by no means easy goals. My hope is that this project will be fun and eye-opening.

I love to read and play games. But I spend far too much time dinking around on the Internet or getting lost in a book.
My plan is an intensive three-month schedule. I am hoping that by putting myself on a schedule and sticking to it, most of the time at least, I will be able to change my habits.
I want my girls to spend more time learning and playing. I will make this easier by planning time for teaching in my schedule.
The basic gist of the Wife and Mother portion of the project is reprogramming me into a mini- June Cleaver. I know it sounds extreme but I also know my personality. I need a drastic change. I am going to focus on my family and I'm going to do it in style.

WOMAN: I love being a woman. I love feeling girly but I don't take very good care of myself. This part of my plan is going to be fun fun fun, mostly. I am overweight because I don't eat well and I don't exercise. So the simple solution: Schedule in exercise and plan my meals. This will help with the mommy part of the project too (hot meals are easier to prepare when you have a plan).
This next week my husband and I are going to revamp our diet. We want to try to eat as natural as possible for a month. While I won't completely cut out processed food we are going to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken and whole grains. Say goodbye Dr. Pepper (diet too!) and ho-hos.
To motivate myself to exercise I am going to train for a 10k. It's going to take 6 months probably before I can even hope to do most of a 10k, but I really want to do this.
The fun part of this woman plan is makeup and pampering. I have never been high-maintenance or frilly or particularly active in pampering myself. In the past I have never felt close to the women who can really do their makeup.
I am going to practice and adopt a rich-woman attitude. I won't be going bankrupt doing this project but I want to see how it feels to REALLY take care of my body. I want to feel like one of those women who are completely pulled together, classy and orderly.
By no means to I expect this to be easy. I am looking forward to the challenge. I also realize that we all have problems and just because I try to change my life doesn't mean I won't have set backs and other issues. I know I will, but I hope by really changing myself I will find an inner peace and I will be able to have a stronger relationship with my family and God.
I will continue to update this blog over the next several months. I will have weekly goals and more long term goals. Keep coming back to see how I am doing. Feel free to comment and tell me about your experiences!!