Monday, June 21, 2010

Hairy Situation

After having been told on several occasions by my sweet sister that I need to wax my eyebrows I decided to have a go at it myself.
I hate plucking with a vengence. So while spending my birthday money on nail polish, lipstick and a new purse I tossed in an eyebrow shaping kit. Basically it's little strips of plastic shaped like eyebrows that you stick to your face, rub in the direction of hair growth and then rip off in the opposite direction.
Above the eyebrow isn't too bad. Pulling the strip from the area closet to your eye is akin to ripping the skin off the bone. Youch!!
I actually didn't do bad, I only tore off a partial eyebrow, but you can hardly tell... at least my husband says you can't. Of course this is coming from the man who told me (and I quote) "No, I don't think you're fat, that doesn't mean you're not, I just don't think you are"
Maybe I should get my sister's opinion.

I honestly haven't been doing all that great with my goals. I have cooked most meals though, we have only eaten out once this month (I promise you this is a record) and I have been spending more time with the girls and I have been really good about forgoing the slouching in my pajamas all day look.

I found a fun website I found (check the links I like in the sidebar) that has a recipe for face paint. It's WAY easy and fun. The girls loved it and Em made me paint her stomach and hands too.

This week: Make it to the gym four times. Have sit down meals every day and stop eating after 8 p.m. Also I NEVER take my makeup off at night (I know: terrible for the skin right) so I am making a goal to have a specific nightly routine to make sure I am washing my face, flossing etc every night. Hopefully I'll see some results with clearer skin.

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  1. sounds like you're doing really well, is it hard? I wish I could get it together... Tomorrow is a new day right?