Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new day

Yesterday we found out my youngest daughter has a form of epilepsy. According to the neurologist 80 percent of patients who are treated can outgrow it. But that is only if there isn't any other underlying conditions.
We started L on her meds this morning. She's been groggy and really cranky. I think maybe I should wait a few days to see if her body adjusts. I feel bad every time I give her the medicine like somehow I am pouring poison into her little body. I know that stopping the seizures is important but should it be at the expense of her sweet-nature? There is a diet that I have decided to look into.
I hadn't heard about it until I joined a support group but it can be just as effective as the medicine though it would take several weeks to notice a difference. I wish I had known before we started the medicine.
This is all very confusing and scary for me, let alone L. I watched her this morning in the midst of her tantrums and it felt like she didn't know how to stop herself from freaking out.
I know the Lord will bless us if we have faith. I just hope her little body can handle it while we figure this out.

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