Monday, August 22, 2011

Life is a scream

I have discovered that I spend A LOT of time losing it. Really. It's ridiculous. Our apartment has a hallway that runs along the back with the living room and kitchen on either end and an entrance in the front connects the living room and kitchen. This makes a giant circle, or if you are my kids a conveniently located jogging track.
All day every day they are zooming around in circles like little hamsters, dodging the pile of toys, shoes and anything else that has managed to attach itself to the floor.
I know this is going to happen and yet I still blow a cork every time they run around the corner.

I know I should be grateful. In the winter I don't even have to take them outside. I just strap a backpack full of 10 pound weights to their backs and make them do laps. It's basically the equivalent of dragging a sled up a snowy hill and I don't have to tag along behind them. If that gets boring I can tell Elizabeth to climb in the laundry basket and watch Emmy drag her around in circles. It's just like sledding, without the bumps and bruises and without the cold. When they are all hot and sweaty and ready to collapse I graciously remove the backpacks, hand them a cup of hot chocolate and applaud my ingenuity.

For some reason in the summer I just can't justify loading backpacks full of weight. Our swamp cooler works well enough to take the temperature in our apartment from 115 degrees to a balmy 102,and I don't want to worry about heat stroke. Needless to say I find the running rather distracting and rather irritating.

However, I decided that I need to let the little things go and apparently this is a little thing, at least in the scheme of things. The trick is to stuff ear phones in and listen to the Glee soundtracks full volume. You can't even hear them screaming when they hit a corner!

Glee can make anything better. If you don't believe me, the next time you are in a boring meeting slip in your ear phones and zone out to the sultry beat of Don't Stop Believing. Way more entertaining than whatever your boss, husband or anyone else has to say. And you too can get over the little things because you don't have to listen to them!

Now, in case anyone takes me seriously, I really only use 5lb weights in the backpacks, so no worries my children are in safe hands.

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