Monday, December 2, 2013

Free Day at the Spa

Whoop. My readers. I am a finalist in a blog contest. I was asked to write a blog post about why I am grateful to be a woman. The prize is a free spa treatment. The idea of even just a few hours of solitude and a facial is dreamlike. Enticing. So I wrote. The thing with writing about being a woman is that if feels so complex to me. There's a lot of reasons I'm thankful to be a woman. I only had a few hundred words to express myself so I did the best I could. I wrote what felt right at the time.

I love being a woman. I love wearing pretty clothes and makeup. I love looking at shoes I can't afford and drooling over handbags I'd never dare purchase because I would taint them with gum wrappers, happy meal toys and forgotten snacks. Mostly, I love feeling like a woman. I love that I'm sensitive and emotional. I love that my children come to me for snuggles because they think my skin is soft.

Being a woman is great. It's hard but it's worth it. There are days that I think it would be far simpler to be a man, slap on jeans and a polo and head out the door, but there is a secret power to being a woman. To taking the time to glam up, feel good and just absorb the beautiful that simply comes from being woman. For me the power of womanhood is far beyond the clothing and the hair (though obviously I enjoy both), it's in just being.

Feel free to check out my post about why I am grateful to be a woman. Here  Take the time to like my photo (The brunette holding the baby) and I'll be eternally thankful!!

Why are you grateful to be a woman or what do you think women have that makes them special?

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