Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No S Sherlock

Some time back I tried this diet called the No S diet. Basically: No Seconds, No Snacks, No Sweets except on S days (Saturday, Sunday and special days.) It's not that hard and I don't know why I stopped doing it. I think I started cheating and after that it was small steps to abandoning it entirely.
I have decided however that this is going to be the simplist way for me to start eating healthy. I'm adjusting it and only doing no seconds and no sweets. I feel like not allowing myself to at least snack on fruits and veggies is going to be overkill for me. So here's to redos and THANK HEAVENS we have redos.
Life has been a bit stressful and my idea behind this blog and motivation has waned a bit. In the last few days I have been aching to get back on track. I truly believe that if somebody really really wants something they'll get it somehow.
It goes without saying that I really really want to be healthy and skinny. Yes my faithful readers I want to be skinny. I realize it seems vain compared to just wanting to be healthy, but in some skewed part of my mind I think I'll be happy if I'm skinny.
What am I going to do if when I get to skinny I'm still not happy? Probably get rich. If beauty can't make me happy, surely money can... right?
I really do want to lose weight and be healthy. I would like to have another child, but I refuse to get pregnant again while I'm so worried that I'll have more complications and being overweight makes those complications all the more likely.
I need a change and I know that taking back my body will allow me to change for the better.

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